RLV Run-Out Measuring Device

This measuring device is especially suited for run-out measurement on the tooth flank of gears in the production environment.

  • Dimensional testing of workpieces, gears, run-outs on the tooth flank
  • Workpiece size: max. Ø 200
  • Repeatability +/- 0.001 mm
  • Manual operation
  • Measuring visualization: measuring computer, Millimar display column, Millimar dial gage


  • The ergonomic handling allows operators who are not versed in metrology to provide reliable measuring results.
  • A special solution for your production in order to measure workpieces directly at the processing machine.
  • Allows for immediate reaction to and identification of faulty parts.
  • The flexible construction of the measuring device enables quick conversion for other worpiece types (different diameters).
  • Due to use close to production, measurements can be performed directy at the processing machine. It provides an instant indication of quality and dimensional accuracy of your workpiece. Long waits to measure the workpieces in a precision measurement room are omitted.