Production metrology to solve all measuring tasks

Example of realized measuring and testing devices:

  • Measurement of diameter, quality and conicity in small and large eye
  • Measurement of ´tilt and offset
  • Roundness measurement
  • Parallelism measurement etc.

Realized with the help of:

  • Hand-held gages
  • Manual and semi-automatic SPC measuring devices
  • Fully automatic measuring devices

Measuring tasks of SPC measuring station:

  • Diameter, conicity, ovality, perpendicularity or large and small eye
  • Thickness, flatness and parallelism of the plane surfaces
  • Axis distances, tilt and offset
  • Trapezoid and increments
  • Attachement bores, etc.

Type of measuring/testing device:

  • SPC measuring device
  • Diverse hand-held plug gags for attribute testing

Workpiece handling:

  • Manual

Measuring value visualization:

  • SPC measuring computer