Measuring and testing technology

Production metrology from the hand-held plug gage to the complete SP measuring station

Hand-held measuring devices
•    Tracing gages
•    Measuring devices with: analog or digital dial gages/tactile or pneumatic sensors/ measuring
     value display using electronic display or SP measuring computer
Production metrology

•    From the simple plug gage
•    to hand-held gages in special design
•    gages and hand-held measuring devices,
•    SPC testing devices incl. measuring computer  
•    Up to fully-automatic measuring devices for 100% testing

SPC measuring stations

•    Measuring station according to customer specification, suitable for installation close to production
•    Ergonomic design incl. illumination, protective shutter system
•    Measuring stations with additional hand-held measuring devices and other testing devices, such as surface,
      roundness, hardness or crack detection devices etc.
•    Professional storage options for setting standards, hand tools, workpieces etc.