Measuring and testing – a necessary evil?

Manufacturing processes are continuously becoming more and more stable, especially due to the growing importance of quality assurance. There are good reasons why the industry insists upon it and firmly incorporates it in the quality management system.

We take into consideration the six key questions that are decisive for your quality: WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN, WITH WHAT, HOW OFTEN do I need to measure? This enables us to offer you an optimal price-performance ratio.

Different factors must therefore be considered:

  • How stable is the production process? (tool life)
  • How significant is the measuring point for its further use?
  • Are more features processed with the same tool?
  • Sampling or 100% control?
  • Are adjustable or fixed tools used in processing?
  • Does the tool or the machine tool need to be readjusted or even stopped based on the measured values?
  • Does a statistical analysis need to be performed?
  • Do security features need to be tested?
  • Which measurement method is required?
  • Which measuring and test equipment: in-process, post-process, automatic measuring machine, coordinate measuring machine, SPC measuring station, standard measurement equipment, special testing and inspection equipment?
  • What type of data acquisition: attributive testing equipment (go/no go-gages), tactile, optical or laser measurement?

Using our extensive experience, we develop the solution for your specific measurement task together with you.

The measurement methods and technologies available for this purpose are listed together with application examples in the product menu.